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A Letter from Our Founder

After thirty years in sales, starting as an individual contributor and working my way up to executive sales leadership, my favorite part of the job has never changed—building people up.

Frankly, I love what sales people get to do every day. We show up, hopefully with a great product in hand, but also bringing our personalities, values, and drive to every encounter. We connect with customers on a human level, listening to their needs in order to build a relationship. For a people person like me, sales has been the perfect career.

But how many sales professionals leave the field because they start off on the wrong foot? How many people are making one or two chronic mistakes that cause half their deals to slip away? For decades, I have coached would-be superstars and helped them form the habits they need to succeed.

In 2018, I decided to make my passion for coaching into a full-time endeavor. That’s how Sales 10 Coaching was born. Now our team gives back to a profession that has brought me so much joy. We want to leave a legacy of best practices to the next generation of salespeople.

To anyone new to the profession who is reading this letter, I have one piece of advice. Remember that you have something to offer clients. There is something about your history, your values, and your ability to see people that brought you to this career, and I would love to help you unleash your potential.

For teams and companies, my message is similar—give your sales people the tools they need to succeed. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had out there, but it depends on your willingness to empower the people you have placed in those key roles. It would be our honor to work with you.

Good luck out there!


Steve Thompson, Founder
Steve Thompson, Founder